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it'll save you a load of money

Every player needs food, being able to fish your own food and of course, then cook Old school runescape gold can save you so much money over your Runescape life, it can also be a good very income source.Obviously when you training your character, your going to need food, if you can, fish and cook it yourself,


that'll save you a lot of money when training. Another simple tip many players don't notice, is bones, if you want to get a higher prayer level, most players will buy the bones. This is a total waste of money when you could simply use the bones of NPCs you killed.Rangers are the worst for waste on Runescape, don't leave your arrows, spend that extra 2 clicks to pick them up quickly,


it'll save you a load of money, mean you get more arrows for your money, it also means you don't have to go back and buy more arrows! Which is another little time saver.Of course this is all well and said, but having Runescape membership helps so much when playing Runescape, for example you can then fish and cook sharks, which as you probably know are worth a lot more then Deadman Seasonal Gold !

Publicerat klockan 03:30, den 12 juni 2016
Postat i kategorin Okategoriserat och taggat som osrs gold, deadman gold, deadman mode gold
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